One-liner master/slave checkboxes

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jQuery CheckAll Plugin

It's really simple.

Basic demo: http://jsfiddle.net/mattball/NBrg8/

Using the plugin

To use the checkbox with id master to control the checkboxes that are children of the form with id myForm, this is all you need:

$('#master').checkAll('#myForm input:checkbox');

To override any of the default settings, pass in an options object as the second argument. For instance, if I don't want to update the master checkbox when a slave is changed:

$('#master').checkAll('#myForm input:checkbox', {sync: false});


All are optional (pun intended).

key           | default | description
sync          |  true   | boolean, keep the master sync'd with the slaves when a slave changes
onClick       |  null   | callback function, called whenever a slave checkbox is clicked
onMasterClick |  null   | callback function, called when the master checkbox is clicked
reportTo      |  null   | callback function, receives the number of slaves currently checked

Bonus awesomeness


Please ask for help on Stack Overflow! I prefer to answer in a public manner in case other devs have the same question.